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We have a tool belt of ready-to-use technologies at our disposal to help you launch to market quickly and efficiently. Based on your needs we will build a custom solution that fits your goals.

In a global market, competition is tough. Leverage our experience to get ahead, no matter what part of the world you're from.

Global Solutions for Local Businesses

Move your business to the public cloud.

The public cloud offers scalability, global reach and enhanced security...when done right. At BizCoreX we know cloud and we can help move your technology services to the cloud. We also offer an enhanced support model

Secure Solutions

Secure Processes

Secure, auditable, monitored solutions are important when moving to the cloud.  
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Trusted & Proven Technology Solutions.

Benefits of our managed services.

We help keep your business running with dedicated support to help your staff with common issues.  Our teams are specialized in Workstations, Servers and Cloud Infrastructure.

Our service desk solution can also help with providing a centralized point of contact for all your staff’s needs. Approved flows such as equipment orders, licensing requests, and permission changes are examples of common flows that can be handed over to our team. 

Maintaining technology is just as important as implementing it correctly.  That’s why our Tech Ops team helps ensure your applications are running at peak performance, safe and secure.  Think of the Tech Ops team as the control center to centrally monitor and manage your infrastructure and applications. 

Our team can monitor your infrastructure and applications to proactively alert you when something is not working right.  When customers rely on mission critical systems, every second counts. 

 To ensure your applications remain secure and current, our patching and maintenance team can update servers, infrastructure, and applications.  Maintenance of your environment ensures any known vulnerabilities are resolved and patched. 

Bad things happen, it’s a fact of life.  Our team can help your business implement and maintain a current backup and disaster recovery plan to help your business recover when something does bad happens.   

Core services for every business.

Marketing Support

Attract more qualified customers with targeted marketing campaigns using social media.

Concierge Support Services

Get yourself unstuck with dedicated support with mobile and PC support.

Networking and Infrastructure

Build reliable core services that your business systems can safely rely on.

Email and Office

Implement Microsoft Office 365 ® safely and securely to support your business' collaboration needs.


Our solutions are build using secure principles trusted by some of the largest multi-national enterprises.

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We specialize in helping businesses with complex technology needs.

Our knowledge and experience is from some of the most complex technology landscapes in large multi-national organizations. We have built and supported core systems in heavily regulated industries. No matter how big or small we know how to get things done and how to tailor the right solutions for you.

Ask us about DevOps

Ask us about Agile Development

Changing the way people and companies work.

In our world, one thing’s for certain, that everything will change.  How will you adapt and stay ahead of the competition? 

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